Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Binational CO2 Storage Standard Released

CSA Group and the International Performance Assessment Center for Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide (IPAC-CO2) have jointly released the world's first binational standard for geologic storage of CO2.  The new standard (CSA Z741) is designed for use in both Canada and the US.  It is applicable to storage in saline aquifers and depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs, as well as EOR, and covers the entire project life cycle from site screening through post-closure.  Standards developers intend these new guidelines to serve as the foundation for International Standards Organization (ISO) efforts to create a global CO2 storage standard.


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  2. I found a draft of this standard. It leaves the question of how long the CO2 is supposed to stay in the ground up to the political jurisdiction that adopts the standard.

    Texas says .001% per year leakage is all that can be allowed. In his book Capturing Carbon Mills suggests .01% per year makes sense. He calls the Texas standard "excessive".

    I would have thought a prime reason to have a standard is to set a reasonable target for how long stored CO2 has to stay in the ground in order to be called sequestered.