Monday, November 5, 2012

LC/LP Joins in Condemnation of Haida Experiment

At the conclusion of joint meetings held in London last week, parties to the London Convention/London Protocol released a statement condemning the recent Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation (HSRC) ocean fertilization experiments off British Columbia: "The Parties to the London Convention and London Protocol (LC/LP) express grave concern regarding the deliberate ocean fertilization activity that was recently reported to have been carried out in July of 2012 in waters off the Canadian west coast."  The statement received unanimous backing, including from Canada and the US.

An attorney for HSRC and its parent Old Massett Village Council (OMVC) reacted with indignation.  "You know, this is a clash between big science and big NGOs, and village science and indigenous peoples," said Joe Spears.  He continued, "On a changing planet we need to have dialogue and discussion, you know.  Charles Darwin did not have a PhD, or he wasn't a tenured professor or he wasn't an NGO.  A lot of these are value judgments of people that have no understanding.  They're making statements.  It's irresponsible."

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