Thursday, July 11, 2013

China Issues CCUS Policy Statement

China's central National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has published an official Notice on promoting CCUS, designed to serve as guidance for all government ministries and agencies at national, regional, and local levels as well as major state-owned enterprises.  In its statement, the NDRC instructs these bodies to promote CCUS pilot and demonstration projects, and in doing so to "proceed from the national conditions in China, think and plan for the long-term, provide positive and active guidance, and progress development in an orderly manner" (p. 3).  The Commission outlines six key tasks:

  1. Cover the entire CCUS value chain
  2. Develop specific demonstration projects
  3. Set up financial incentive mechanisms
  4. Intensify research and planning efforts
  5. Formulate CCUS standards and regulations
  6. Improve capacity building and international collaboration
The NDRC will lead this national effort based on the program and principles laid out in the Notice.

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