Thursday, October 11, 2012

A/R Credits Issued to Ethiopian Reforestation Project

An innovative Ethiopian conservation initiative, known as the Humbo Assisted Natural Regeneration project, has been issued 73,000 temporary Certified Emission Reductions (tCERs) by the CDM.  The project, managed jointly by World Vision Ethiopia, World Vision Australia, and the Ethiopian government, involves local communities restoring native vegetation, planting new species, and limiting cattle grazing--these efforts have helped reforest 2,728 hectares in southwestern Ethiopia.  All credits have been purchased by the World Bank's BioCarbon Fund, and all proceeds will be channeled back into local communities.  Humbo A/R credits represent the second such issuance by the CDM (following the Plantar Project in Brazil--see CDM Issues First A/R Credits for Brazil Project, 4/18), and the first for Africa.


  1. O/T but I don't know how to contact you: I'd be interested in your comments on, in particular the assertion that "International legal experts say George's project has contravened the UN's convention on biological diversity (CBD) and London convention on the dumping of wastes at sea, which both prohibit for-profit ocean fertilisation activities."

    1. Feel free to contact me at

      I've certainly been following the new Russ George story, but there's an awful lot we don't know about exactly what took place. And the information we do have comes solely from the Guardian and ETC Group, so can't be taken at face value. For me, it's too soon to say whether or not violations occurred, although it wouldn't surprise me if they did.