Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WorldStove Biochar Program Certified as Carbon Offset

WorldStove, a maker of biochar stoves for use in the developing world, announced that its LuciaStove and "Five Step Program" have been certified as an effective, measurable carbon sequestration method. The Measurable Offsets Five Step Program is organized as follows:
  1. Establish a "Stove Hub" base of operations at an appropriate location in the developing world.
  2. Build a LuciaStove factory - LuciaStoves are pyrolitic stoves that burn biomass under low-oxygen conditions to produce biochar.
  3. Acquire a biomass pellet plant.
  4. Collect fuel supplies and biochar - A Stove Hub lab grades the char generated by program LuciaStoves. Suppliers of biochar may be awarded carbon credits.
  5. Distribute biochar, either to food programs or afforestation projects.

The Five Step Program has been certified as a carbon offset by BIOS, an independent certification body. WorldStove intends that this private certification will accelerate LuciaStove accreditation under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and will promote the adoption of the Five Step Program as a carbon offset. Three corporate clients have already signed up for the program.

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