Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update on CBD COP10

Discussions have begun on a proposed moratorium on geoengineering at CBD COP10, and coalitions are starting to crystallize.

  • Those in favor of a ban include: Tuvalu, the Philippines, Costa Rica, the "African Group" (representing the continent), Switzerland, the "ALBA Group" (Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas, led by Venezuela and including Bolivia), and Grenada. These countries are supported by Greenpeace, Ecosystems Climate Alliance, and ETC Group.

  • Those more favorably disposed toward geoengineering include Japan and Russia, supported by the Royal Society.

  • Those in the middle, expressing some combination of openness and caution, include Brazil, the EU, and Norway.

Other countries have yet to take public positions. It is notable that none of the major powers has expressed support for the moratorium. Discussions continue ...

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