Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Welcome to my Geoengineering Politics blog. There are a number of good geoengineering sites out there, but the majority are focused on scientific and technical aspects of climate engineering. The purpose of this blog is to monitor, document, and discuss the politics of geoengineering, within countries and among them. Geoengineering, like mitigation and broader climate policy, will be governed as much by politics, power, and interests as by technological capabilities. Going forward, no assessment of geoengineering will be complete without comprehensive political analysis, and that is what Geoengineering Politics aims to foster. In this spirit, I intend to consider a wide variety of national and international political issues that will shape geoengineering research and deployment, and indeed the planet itself. All political perspectives are welcome, and I encourage feedback of any sort.

More to come shortly ...

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